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Location:Rensford, United States of America

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appearance/sex/pronouns: paladin is completely androgynous, their skin and eyes are onyx black, except for irises and facial/body markings which are electric blue. the most obvious of markings is the horizontal line across the face, the end line of a domino mask. when tapping into the power of the Clever God this mark spreads to become a full, bright blue mask. The second set are the trill spots that run down the neck and along the spine.

paladin has a set of back swept horns and a newt frilled tail. all relatively common with tieflings. paladin has no real gender but is sex fluid, typically that sex is female, any pronouns as long as they are consistent are fine. generally paladin is referred to with female pronouns (typist included) please feel free to do the same. any questions please ask.

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adventure, adventuring, being shit at naming things, bogbad, brother selmo, card games, character, class, d&d, daggers, david s pumpkins, dice, dnd, druids, fifth edition, friendship, gambling, getting drunk, goddesses, gods, gold, homebrew, horse, magical items, men, paladin, parties, restenford, role play, roleplay, rp, spells, tiefling, wizards, women, world building
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