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The Dawrven convoy from the Northern settlement is late in returning to Rensford. By the time Ruska, the matriarch of the Dwarven enclave in Rensford reached out to Paladin the convoy was two days late. By the time the Tiefling heads out on the Northern road to try and locate the party, they are four days late.

Bogbad, the Orc Fighter in tow the two set out only to be stopped by one of the young Dwarf males of the city to explain that his friends in the convoy might have finally convinced the party to take a detour in their trip to Rensford, to explore a once held iron mine for an entrance to the Underway which would lead them to the lost Dwarven city of Jazdirune. This city was once a thriving metropolis, filled with artisans and one of the main sources for magical Dwarven weaponry. Currently, there is still a generational divide within the Dwarven people if they should risk taking back previous powerful strong holds, or stay safe in their current settlements.

Finding Jazdirune would be a great score for the Dwarves.

On their way they run into one of the Unchosen, Yahini. The Unchosen are clerics of sorts, they serve the unknown 13th God and go around helping any in need or distress, they can heal and perform religious rituals. Since they are neutral they are left alone by any and all sentient groups. To attack one of the Unchosen is considered a grave offense.

Yahini joins Paladin and Bogbad and during their travel on day three, Bogbad spots, in the distance a large flying form that seems to be following them.  A chase ensues, the party ducks into the woods attempting to evade the flying beast, darting from cover to cover and attempting to stay on small game trails and far away from the threat.  It's Bogbad's horse that causes the party to falter and the beast to catch up, and what a beast it is, a Manticore.

One of the spikes from the beast's tail strikes Yahini, but the rest of the party does not let the manticore get in another attack.  Scattering through the forest and using ranged weapons Bogbad does serious poison damage with his cross bow and Paladin's daggers and magic do the rest of the work.  In the end the beast is felled and they ride away with a pelt, a spiked mane and the spiked tail that was such a threat.

Up into the mountains they go after a long rest.  There are signs of violence all through the narrow roads and across the massive stone bridge that leads up to the main mountain top.  An ominous first sign: a Dwarf grave.  Then spiders, further and further up the mountain side they go, finding pools of blood and a net of hair and spider silk.

It is at another landing where the group is attacked by a swarm of spiders and two massive spiders.  The bigger beast are easily disposed of, it's the swarm that crawls all over the adventurers that cause more troubles.  When they finally perish, the group settles down for a much needed rest. 


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