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This story starts off in a Tavern because all stories like this start off in such a place.  A place with candle light, a crackling fire and low voices that occasionally rise and fall in joy or anger.

Usually in these stories there is one lone figure, sitting off in a corner, shrouded in darkness and mystery.  This is where the story diverges a bit.

Because Paladin is not necessarily a solitary creature, she enjoys company, stories, a bit of drink and a whole lot of cards.  It's a casual game the Tiefling is playing now, the patrons of the inn have gotten used to her onyx skin with it's strange blue markings, and her genderless features.  Even have gotten used to her taking all their money on occasion.

Her presence in the inn isn't solely for cards: a little bird whispered in her ear that there was coin to grab for sword work.  Not necessarily what she has become known for, but there's no reason to pass up coin as long as the work is legit.
The teal haired Tiefling laughs and tosses her losing hand on to the pile of coins and takes another look around the inn as if her future patron would simply walk in with an aura of looking for hirelings.


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