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Nov. 27th, 2016 11:49 am
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Like most mess halls for inns Paladin has stayed at, this place has a sort of seat yourself policy. If there is a seat open, take it? If someone sits next to you that you don't like, deal with it (at least that's the general rule of thumb.) The seat that Paladin takes is at a smaller table off to the side but still near enough to the massive hearth that they can smell the wood burning and feel the pleasant heat of it as well. It always reminds Paladin about the only enjoyable part of winter: the nights around the fire, safe in a warm inn, drinking ale. Literally the only part of the white death of winter that she enjoys.

Paladin had slept for ten and a half hours and still it didn't feel long enough. The only reason they are not currently in bed wrapped up in blankets and oblivious to the rest of the world is because her stomach is so empty that it is physically making her sick. The sweet and savory smells from the kitchen are not helping this problem.

Waking, a note was sent to room 228 with an invitation for dinner if Amelia could make it, and then she got dressed.

Unsurprisingly Paladin favors blacks and whites, tonight: black slacks, jacket and tie, with the usual white collared shirt, all clean and cut to fit that androgynous frame.

One of the serving boys comes by with a basket of bread and some butter and it's hard for Paladin not to simply drool, that will happen after the boy is sent off for a glass of wine.
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